Lead Generation - the most feature-rich plugin for marketing

The plugin ‘LeadGeneration’ has a completely different philosophy. It gives you a complete set of the most feature-rich tools on the market. So that you can create anything you need and anything you want.

Lead Generation Drives Results. Fast.

Convert website visitors into subscribers and customers

Stand Out

Enhance your website & provide better user experience by adding useful extra functionality

Get Leads

Spark the interest and get contacts of your visitors by implementing great lead magnets & other lead-generating widgets

Sell More

Since you will get more leads — you will get more sales. Also, increase your sales directly by enhancing your offers in various ways.

Exactly what I have been looking for. Surprisingly this has a million different uses and the sky is the limit.
Plenty of flexibility to do anything you need to. Well well WELLLL done.

All Marketing In One Single Plugin. And More.

Set up any marketing widgets & run any marketing campaigns

Grow & Manage Email Lists

Create great lead magnets. Capture leads with flexible opt-in forms. Use the built-in email content locker.
Manage all emails.

Create Popups & Flyouts

Capture users on exit intent.
Use for lead magnets.
Use for online order widgets, price calculators & other interactive widgets.
Show any content.

Gather Information

Create any kind of forms. Use them to gather any information you want from users.
Create feedback forms, order forms, inquiry forms and so on.

Very well done from a feature standpoint, as well the ability to mod this to pretty much any site and scenario.


Here is why customers love Lead Generation

Mix & Match Tools

The included tools work together to enable you to create comprehensive high-conversion functionality for your website

Powerful Styling

Tools are accompanied by powerful styling options that let you match your website style and create any look & feel you desire.

High Speed Loading

All the tools are optimized for high speeed loading.

Mobile Optimized

All the tools can be used on mobiles, as well. If you do not want to clutter the small screens, however, you can disable any item for the smaller screens.

Preview Widgets

You can preview the widgets you are creating right in the editor, without the need to leave the creation environment. Saves your time.

Email management

Manage, view and sort all the leads you gather right in your dashboard.

Very easy to use, straight forward and really simple.